Friday, October 12, 2007

Some Things That Fascinate me about Iceland

Some things that fascinate me about Iceland:
  • Clean air;
  • View of the ocean;
  • Natural blonds and their extraordinary skin;
  • Severe bangs which are so IT in Reykjavik;
  • Number of teenage parents (They look like they still need parents themselves);
  • Widespread use of English language (I haven't yet met a person who doesn't know at least some English);
  • Popularity and wonderful taste of vegetarian dishes;
  • Contemporary Art (it is presented here in every manageable form, shape and size);
  • Independent kids (I see 5-6 years old crossing the roads while going to schools );
  • Safety (babies in the strollers, left sleeping outside the cafes, while their parents enjoy a cup of coffee, is a common site);
  • Unpredictable weather;
  • Little frozen cubes of herbs sold in supermarkets.

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