Tuesday, October 16, 2007

From Leaden Grey to Luminous Blue

The contrasts of colours here are simply breathtaking. It can be several days when grey is a primary colour – leaden low sky, naked contours of the trees on the pearly grey horizon, grey splashes of rain, black wet roads; the earth in mourning. But then, without warning, bright rays of the sun split the sky – and the colours splash all over the place. The bottomless sky becomes deep vibrant blue, the sun reflects from every surface, bright golden leaves assert themselves and fierce red mountain ash is visible again.
Going to bed in the evening there isn’t a way of telling what the next day will be like. Surprisingly it delights me.

The other thing that surprise me no end here is how unpredictable any service can be. Yesterday our empty boxes supposed to be collected at two o’clock, a small van arrived at five. (I was shocked to see how many boxes can be fit in the seemingly small space) Today the same company was supposed to collect the rest at 8:30. Well, they arrived an hour early. Go figure. But, we are box free. Hurray for the world!

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