Saturday, December 15, 2007

Everything for the Best

About a month ago I picked up a brochure from National Museum of Iceland. It described December events there, all closely connected with Christmas of course. Right after “The Yule Lads Coming Visiting” program in Icelandic the similar, as I thought, event was listed but in English. Today I took the kids to the museum and what did I find? It was a lecture of a university professor on Icelandic Yule, which is a winter festival, not Yule Lads. A lesson for me – READ THINGS CAREFULLY!

The boys were upset until I lured them into the museum’s café for hot coco and croissants. Since the weather was very mild today, no rain showers or wicked gusts of wind, we decided to stroll towards downtown. We went around Tjörnin Lake and found out that part of the path that circled it was pure ice. There was nobody there besides us, so we started to skate to our heart content. I forget how much fun it is – run to gain a momentum, slide … and enjoy the essence of movement. Pure joy!

Here is my treasure for today – beautiful colours of sky and water.

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