Sunday, December 23, 2007

Dreaming of Colours

These past few days the weather was so nice: the sun showed itself and the sky bloomed with aquarelle colours. Its soft, muted palette makes for such a good photos but..I grow weary of jewel tones: shaded greys, pinks and blues. My soul longs for full blooded spectrum – vivid red, burnt orange, deep green, azure. I want to inhale an intoxicating smell of ripe mango, bite on the fruit warmed by the sun. Perhaps, that is why a cup of hot chocolate seems so delicious these days. Its rich texture and taste combats the affects of the darkness, lifts the spirits. (A happy light helps too but hot chocolate is so-o much more delicious.)
The Winter Solstice came and passed, the days are on upswing from now, which is the best cure of all.

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