Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Change of Weather

How is it possible to jump from a gorgeous winter day, filled with snow, frost and sparke to a dreary one, filled with rain, wind and occasional hail in one short night, I still cannot comprehend. I read somewhere that there isn't such thing as bad weather, there is only inappropriate clothing. I understand the sentiment but have hard time to come up with clothing that will make this weather "not bad". A car will be the closest to a perfect outfit. It provides an overall coverage, allowed breathing and freedom of movement, comes in different sizes , colours and styles. Aside from the cost, what's not to like? Most of the people here prefer this kind of clothing, the buses are rarely full, which works to my advantage. Plus, once you are on the bus and don't worry anymore about wind knocking you down, slipping on the ice, or being sprayed by passing cars, the weather doesn't seem so overwhelming nasty.

Speaking of cars, buses and finding directions. While giving directions, people generaly don't use street addresses here, they go with "code" names instead. "Let's meet at Flensborg; an exhibition at Kjarvalsstadir; this office is at Krabbameinsfelas Island." It is very unnerving. You have to ask for elaboration, which causes a momentary confusion, because "how is it possible for somebody not to know such a simple thing?" But, after getting over initial shock, people sweetly come up with a street address.

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