Wednesday, November 28, 2007

All About Ice

I hurried out the house in the morning to discover a street covered with ice. It is pitch black in the wee hours nowadays, so ice sparkling under the soft glow of the street lights, created a magical picture. I stepped on a pavement and immediately slipped, regaining my balance only by sheer luck. Caught between the desire to look around and the necessity to keep my eyes on the ground, I started to proceed forward with all the grace of a person wearing heals on an icy day. Of course, the fact that I am easily amused and kept giggling at myself didn’t help much. When I turned on Öldugate, which goes downhill, walking became even trickier: I might as well have taken off my boots and started to skate; it would have been faster too. I reached the end of the street,.. and forgot about all the inconveniences. Here in front of me stretched out Læekjargate decorated with Christmas lights, water of a canal glistened behind it; up the hill the windows of the houses glowed in the dark, and above all - the stars shimmered in the velvet sky.

It would have been nice to stay there a bit longer but I had a bus to catch and icy streets to conquer.

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